Mar 25, 2012


 These pictures were taken 2weeks and half ago.
now I only have 1more day in NY.

(photos by Takeru)



Mar 22, 2012

Last day

These are Last EF pictures. and last Taste of China :)<3 As always, fork is standing in the rice. maybe I should have told them that it's impolite for Japanese people :T haha

I love you my friends<333 Never forget every single moment !!


Mar 20, 2012

Last NYC with Takeru

Takeru and I are supposed to have dinner with Pedro and Amauri but unfortunately they couldn't come.
So we went to Vietnam restaurant <3 I had Baogetto and noodle! It's so healthy you see it has many kind of vegetables. It was very exotic but I liked it<3
He took many pictures in Grand central. Takeru looked so sad when he say bye to Grand central. ahh  and his looking made me sad :,(


Lost in Crand central

Tops:Tokyolux,Skirt:AmericanApparel,Tights:from Risa<3Shoes:Dr.Martens,Bag:BetseyJohnson



I brought some my luggages to NJ this day, Takeru was helping me. Thanks<3
After that, we went to New York Times office(?)  Building was cool!! but Then noticed that we had been this building before lol but we've just been to MUJI (Mujirushi) at that time we didn't notice at all that building was New York Times !!! haha Took some pictures and then we had dinner in Williams burg! I liked salad there<3 yummmm That restaurant named DuMont Burger! Check it out :D


Astor place and then Astor place

I had lunch at Japadog which is japanese ver. Hotdog in Aster place!!!! with Melody and Takeru :)
I thought, okay it's just for fun! but it was so tasty :9 I didn't expect that!!! I had Oroshi Hotdog Yummmm<3 There is no Japadog in Japan so I need to eat more them before I go back to Japan :) hahaha 

Then we said bye to Melody and went to Rockfeller with Takeru. (I'll upload pictures later<3)

After that, we met up with Lina and Yusuke and had dinner at  Thailand restaurant in Astor place :)
That restaurant suppose to have Jazz live but they didn't!!! we were so sad but it was okay :) We just had fun<3 


West village

I went to West village with Takeru and Yusuke. We walked around and had a delicious dinner at fancy restaurant :)<3 I had salmon it was so tasty! I don't know how to explain this but salmon was melting on my tongue, really...!!!  That week I've been to West village 3times I have nothing to write ! haha