Feb 25, 2012



We went to MOMA. I had been to Moma before but some place has changed. There was the floor where full of candy which is 1st pic!! and surprisingly we can get them<3 :9 

I like this Kiho style :) (She bought this sweater in Beacon's closet in Brooklyn!)
We had humburger in Five napkin!!! I can say this is the Best humburger in NY!!! AMAZING!!
I would like to have dinner at this restaurant on my last day in NY.


Feb 22, 2012




Williamsburg with Kiho <3

I bought ring<3 it has star on it!! so cute it's already my favorite! I never take off  <333
We walked around Will. Beacon's closet and Accessory shops, Kitchen store. I also bought the molds from kitchen store, that's unbelievably cute! you know, now it's valentine season so they had heart or heart with arrow and angel! I wish I could made cookies... :/

We went to the Asian restaurant which is Vegan restaurant was so interesting for me, because I've never been to Vegan restaurant and it's not really common in Japan. I ordered pad thai was so tasty!
Kiho had miso Udon and it was also good :) I need to try again with Magui :P hehe




My sweet Carolin is gone...  :,(  
So that is why I had dinner with my roommate Carolin and Angela in Tarrytown.
I had good time :)<3

I hate saying good-bye.... how many time I said bye to my friends after I came here.
no more please. 

Take care and hope we can meet up again.... <3


Feb 18, 2012



I went to Chelsea with Kiho :)
We had browny from Fat witches. I love that browny so much<3 I bought some browny mix for when I go back to Japan :) but I knew that there was Fat witches in Japan !! I'm not sure where is it but I was so happy when I heard about it. awesome :9 <3

The supermarket in US has much difference from Japanese one. Kiho was excited. Although I go to supermarket in Tarrytown, but it's not big and I'm not really familiar with supermarket so it was interesting for me too. Vegetables are so huge! egg plant was like a monster :P

Those cookies in Eleni's were so cute!! Valentine's day was coming so it was full of hart with red and pink...<33 I never eat though haha As you can see they use a lot of chemical I guess... so just to see :9 haha

Then we had dinner some block away from chelsea.
We talked a lot <3 I haven't talked with Kiho so long time so we had many things to talk!
After dinner, the way to go back to the hotel, there was the American Apparel whole sale so I bought skirt :P hehe Everything are SO CHEAP! I need to go there again :D


Feb 14, 2012


KIHO IS COMING NY!!!! :) <333

I'm SO HAPPY that I could meet up with Kiho here in New York!!!
We were saying that "meet up in NY!" then She did it <333

I was really worried about kiho but she arrived here safely :)
Then we hung out from Friday!

We went to 5th Ave. and Times square. Kiho was so surprised because of a lot of lights and the colorful screen and building in the Times square. I was like her when I've been to Times square first time. haha 
We had dinner in the Hard Rock cafe<3 then she wanted to buy dress for night club to went to Forever21! 


@Webster hall

I had been wanted to go Webster hall !!! That's a biggest night club in New york :) <3
I had a lot of fun with Kiho<3 awesome!!!