Jan 31, 2012


Jacket:TOPMAN/Scarf:made by me/Far:from Takeru/Pullover:AmericanApparel/Skirt:bought in Korea/Shoes:Dr.Martens/Bag:H&M/Ribbon:AmericanApparel


Jan 21, 2012


The second star to the right, each time we say good night....

Fairy make up..* such a cute glitter ☆ミ it's like pixie dust on eyes ;) I'm thinking which color I should buy... :P
This Pixie dust was given by Takeru, Thanks luv<3 then I think I can fly when I use it ;) haha

I bought that Tea pot in Upper West side. there is such a cute caffe also store named Alice's tea cup.
Tea is also from Upper West side. I bought in big super market. I knew that there is this kind of tea be cause of Co-Trip though, I was so happy when I saw those package...<3 how cute ;)
and there are 100%natural tea! awesome<3

I want hair blond or lavender pink btw... :)


Jan 20, 2012

Pony Tale

Wildfox 2012 spring/summer

Oh my gosh, I would love to get shoes from wildfox × Jeffrey campbell <3
love them! I can't wait<33


Jan 18, 2012



Already more than 2weeks past from 2012/1/1 haha
but I'm gonna write about new years eve :)

I was in Timessqare with Takeru Andy and Pedro in NewYears Eve!!!!


I walked a lot !!!

When I went to times square, it was already closed so we almost gave up and went to central park.
we had Noodles in Menchanko-tei. after that we were walking around central park...

Suddenly, the gate was opened front of Central park so that finally I was between Central park and timessqare. but as you can see in the picture, there are a lot of ppl...! 
TOSHIBA building was so far but I'm satisfied!!
It was nice to be there :) well, I couldn't hear anything though I saw Lady Gaga so far away she was dancing in the screen lol

I was waiting about 3hours and I could count down !!!! I was so excited :))) and  fire works were beautiful!!!!<3

Wish everyone is happy 2012
Wish 2012 gonna be great year .... <3


Jan 7, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Takeru !!!!

At first We went to buy some ingredients in Manhattan. After that, we went to Karaoke!! we sung Xmas songs *<: ) we had fun!!

This pic is the way to go to Kei's house. so funny. both of them look so stupid! lol

Then I had party in Kei's house. he is staying in NewJersey with Yok so we stayed there that night :)

Kei Takeru and I cooked Japanese curry and Yok and Andy cooked Thai food :) <3 It was quite tasty <333 and We sung Birhtday song for Takeru and had cheese cake !! :)


We cooked Chijimi (Korean food) for lunch!! then we went to Manhattan :)

Kei was leaving the next day. He is already in Japan now. we are missing you Kei...!! 
I had awesome Xmas Eve and Xmas day in NewYork *<:{o }}