Oct 30, 2011

Halloween party


✟HALLOWEEN  PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!✟

Mewoooo <3


I love this Yok!!!!!<3

These girls(left and center) were made up by ME<3 
(from Left side) Michel! she is my ex-classmate, and Angela is my roomy :) xo

LOVE Racheeeeeeelll <333 same make up :)♥

Oh my Gosh!!!!! my sweet roomy.... lol



photo by Takeru

I couldn't recognize my friends... lol 

I didn't want to wear costume cuz you know it's beginning !!!!not yet <333
so that there my outfits were usual clothes ! haha

After the party, we went to Bar in Tarrytown :)


Looks like she had fried potato with blood!!! lol

I had hamburger :P <3

The day before party, I went to haunted mansion !!! It was on the campus. some students and stuffs were pretend to be ghost! It was REALLY scary! and quality was So high! It was like hospital... I shouted many times. I'm enjoying Halloween <333

✟✟Trick or Treat !!!!!! ✟✟




I went to Greek restaurant in Tarry town with Takeru :)

It was nice :P <333 I had Grilled chicken sandwiches , Takeru had Shrimp Kebab :)
Oh, I'm hungry now....

Windows was drawn by someone...!  Halloweeeeeeeen !!!!!!


Oct 29, 2011

Lower East


I went to Lower East !!!

I had lunch in Katz Deli :)<333

we had Pastrami and salami sandwiches <33
It was quite delicious !!! :)

That amount was SO BIG. If you wanna eat sandwiches in KATZ, you should share it :)

after that we walked around and we had some cafe in cocoa bar :)

I had cinnamon pumpin hot chocolate ! (I'm not sure...haha)

We went to museum shop and see around just few minute and we went back.
We met Pedro and his friend in the train. we  were talking :) <333

Halloween Haloween <333



Last Friday  I went to Palisades mall to buy costume!!!
I bought it!!! I'm really loonkig forward to going Halloween Parade<33 I'm excited<3
Because we don't celebrate so much in Japan so I wanna know how American ppl gonna be enjoying Holloween!!!!

What did I buy? It's secret :P hehehe


Cute pumpkin and ghost <33


Oct 28, 2011

restaurant !!!


I suppose to go to Manhattan but I felt tired so I was staying in campus.
Although I didn't want to have dinner in Caffe terrier so I went to Tarrytwon to have dinner with Angela :)

(I took pics by iphone so those are not good but forgive me<3)

We went to porchigize and Brazilinan restran and we had Penne and Oyster soup!
I didn't know we can eat seafood in this restraunt!!! I love seafood very much!!! before I came here I had never felt I liked seafood but now I love it so bad<333

It was quite delicious<3333
We were talking that weshould go to every restauraunt in Tarrytown ! :P hehehe
We love delicious food!!! Delicious food makes me happy absolutely X)))<3333

Next time I want to try India food!!! 




I taught her how to write Japanese!! :) hahaha
She is soooo sweet!! れいちぇる is her name, ろい is her bf name <333

My roomy Caroline gave me chocolate which from her country Switzerland !
According to her, this is typical chocolate in Switzerland :) <3

This cookie(?) is from Rachel !!! this is from Holland ;)
it was very sweet <3 I like it :P 
my lovely classmate!!!!!!!!!!! X)<33333



Today's fashion snap


She is my classmate :)  her glasses is nice! round shape glasses doesn't suit to me so jealous! haha
She is from China. but she doesn't look Chinese, does she?:O
The way to make up is like a Korean. I like it!<3