Sep 25, 2011




chicago last day !!!

we went to cafe where it is near from hostel. I had been interested in that cafe since I came to chicago !
finally, we had lunch at that cafe<3

I had cappuccino and clam berry scone and poppy seed :)
and I had sandwich that has cheese and basil <3
That was soooooo delicious!!!!
I think It was the best delicious food I've ever eaten in USA :)<333    

Bourgeois Pig cafe :) 

our trip was totally good !!!<3
especially I was really happy to go that cafe <333

bye-bye chicago <3


chicago 4


chicago 4

We had pizza at lunch time :9

At first, we supposed to go to aquarium but we notice that we need to pay 35$ for it :O
we thought that If its terrible, Its waist of money.

therefore we went to zoo

after that, we went to city and shopping :)
and we had humbugger at the restaurant <3

It was very delicious <33


Sep 24, 2011

chicago 3



We went to park and take a rest :) and play card game www

After that, we went to skytower that is tallest in the world !
I was excited !!!


sleeping Takeru :P

I bought teddy bear ! I named him Owzawa :) It's not Kei's last name. Kei's last name is Ozawa.
his name is Owzawa ! :)<3

I made mistake. backpuck was inside out :P

we had pasta :) I had pasta which has shrimp<33 it was delicious! I really wanted to eat sea food so that I was very happy :) hehehe

I made mistake again. my backpack opened. I didn't notice :((

fountain was so beautiful <333

before I saw this fountain, I had thought "chicago is so-so. It's like small NY" but after I had seen this fountain, my mind changed :)<3


chicago 2


chicago 2 !

We went to Navy pier <33

we were just walking around and checking souvenir shop :) we had lunch in food coat and then card game ! we are crazy w

and then went to sopping to city :) There were MEGA TOPSHOP ! I had many clothes which I wanted buy but finally I didn't buy anything.

at dinner time we were looking for restaurant and we found restaurant witch looks very good (from outside) but It was terrible restaurant :( haha
I had stake that was also terrible~~. but I'ts okay, good experience :)

after we had gone buck to hostel, we changed clothes each other !

Kei www

Jim is Takeru, Kei is Tomomi, Tomomi is Kei, Yusuke is Jim, Takeru is Yusuke :D

I had lots of fun <333


Sep 22, 2011

chicago 1

We went to CHICAGO♡wow



We arrived chicago 2pm. but we got lost around hostel, finally we got hostel about 5pm.

Takeru said that I shouldn't expect about hostel. I should think they don't have anything expect I was nervous about it. I mean I've never been to hostel.

but It was very good hostel :) Anyhow we just pay 30$

we went to have dinner at restaurant which is near from hostel<3

That pizza was awsome<333
I don't like pizza so much but It was really delicious n good price :)

after we had finished dinner, we played card game in the hostel :P

black jaaaaack !!!!!! hehehe


Sep 21, 2011


when I entered in Rita hall, JAKE WAS THERE!!!!

I was like 「JAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

I was surprised !
because jake said that he would come here was not this day !

2nd day

we went to manhattan !

during we are singing in karaoke, Robert came !

after that, we had Korean food :)

He was wearing "I'm coming" T-shirs :) haha
when we were eating dinner, child read his T-shirt and his mom said "Don't read! time to go!!!"
It was very funny because there is many dirty words and sentences in T-shirts. haha

Robert !!! 
We learn sexual vocabulary from him ! haha

3rd day

We went to Palisades mall !

shopping and at dinner we had sushi<3

and we went Bowling!!! 
It was very cool. It was unlimited 6pm-11pm n include shoes only 15$!
cheap :)))

but I felt sick so I couldn't play so much...
mmm I regret it.

I miss Jake !!! (again)
I hope we can meet again <3333
I think we can meet again :) <33


Sep 20, 2011

miss u my friends !!!!!


We miss baseball player Fuanitooooo !!!! <3

wiz Lino n Juan !
finally, they left here.

Juan gave us baseball bat :)

We will play baseball wiz this bat !

We miss youuu !!!!


she is my first classmate !
she always smile. I like her smile <3

He is my ex classmate Alvarooo !!
he is very good at singing ! he has really amazing voice :)

I miss you guys :,(
I hope they have great time in them country <3

guess what?

 after I did laundry, there were poops in my laundry!!!!
I really disappointed. My lovely clothes......!!!!!!
but, Takeru n Nuria helped me that washing my clothes.
I just met her first time and that day was her last day in EF school !!!
How kind... :,( ♡ Thanks so much !!!!

Prado also gave me detergent ! I've almost never talked with him through. I moved :,( ♡♡♡

Nuria <333
I wish I'd met her earlier... !!!

Lots of thanks for everything <333