Nov 2, 2012

Happy Halloween


I had Halloween party with my friends <3 Ghost party heheheh
My mom cooked dinner for us. It was so good. I love dishes my mom made! Salmon and Mushroom Pasta, Pumpkin salad, meat ball soup and Chocolate&pumpkin cupcake <3 I LOVE YOU MOM!
After that my friends and I went to take Purikura. We took train being ghost Booo
Then we were walking Dobuita street we passed by Green hill which is night club and we saw ppl wearing costume having fun!!! So we just got in there and had fun <3
 Most of Japanese girls are wearing cute costumes and they don't pretend to be Ghost WHY?
but anyway It was really fun! I'm so glad that I could have friends like wearing costume and having halloween party together! I miss Halloween already. can't wait for the next Halloween!
Halloween reminds me of NY days! it's already 1year past! I can't believe...It was so much fun. I miss these days! I wish I could go to NY with my friends. it would be awesome absolutely :))


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