Jul 16, 2012

Sanja ivekovic

アーティストの名前は、Sanja ivekovic。

I've been obsessed wiz photographs since I saw them at MOMA in NY.
but I couldn't remember the name of artist, I was searching it somehow and finally I found it. 
She is Sanja ivekovic.
I picked up some of my favorites, there are still many photograph fascinates me though.
She uses woman for her works a lot. I think the reason why I like photographs is because of that.
I like women, girls .... the motif like lips, high-heels that kind of things. girls culture. cute, sexy and kitsch you know.
The beginning of the two photographs that I put on this blog looks like women wiz a splash but it's not splash; it's scratched. and the liquid too. These are really attractive... <3


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