Apr 16, 2012

Upper side


At first we went to Dylan's candy bar. My sister really wanted to be there. She was so excited when she got there saying loved that store. haha
We had brunch at the restaurant where Serena have brunch in GG!!! :)

We went to Metlopolitan museum. There are many drawing that I want to put on this blog but it's gonna be too much so I just put the famous one from Gustav Klimt. I loved the colors and atmosphere. how fascinating that was... <3

After that we went to Central park, took picture front of Alice's monument. Uhh I felt like visiter... haha
and LOOK!!!!!! I FOUND Peter Pan there!!!! lol 

We had dinner with Magui at Thailand restaurant. I felt so weird having dinner with my family and Magui but it was fun! I translated everything lol
Then we went to Whole foods market. It was the one in Lower East that was SO HUGE!!!! got some food for tomorrow and went back hotel, and had macarons <3 yummm


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