Apr 3, 2012

Spring is coming

I went to night club with Melody, Lara and Magui!
but we couldn't have good time because of summer time!!!!! we thought it was 3am then it was 4.... buuuuu
It's just very good memory :) haha

I stayed in Lara's house and we over slept....<3
We had brunch in Sara Beth's kitchen ! It was AWESOME<3 Oh my god!!!! awesome<333
but...you see our wallet....LOL it's empty! haha

Then we took walk around. It was great time.
Outside was very warm and sunshine, spring wind ...<3 awwww 

Then I had piercing!!!! I got hole on my cartilage. At first it sounded "Phut" and it was painful but after that I think that's okay it wasn't what I had imagined :) Now I love it<3


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