Apr 17, 2012

Lower Manhattan


We went to Lower manhattan. Going to see Statue of liberty was kind of pain for us so we just saw Statue of liberty from the tip of lower manhattan. Then walked to Wall street. There was church so we went in, it was beautiful church! I was surprised that there was modern art(probably) front of histric church! I had never been to Wall st because my friends who have been there says that it's not funny, there are nothing to do and it's not for me.Well,Yes exactly it was lol

We went to harbor and had lunch at the Seafood restraunt<3 yum! we've been to mall where located pretty place, from there, you can see Brooklyn bridge :)
On the way to Astor place, It was West village, we had pan cakes and tea. that pan cakes was so good<3 We got Astor place to get ticket of BlueMan but it was already sold out :,( So I bought tickets for tomorrow. There are many pillar with bands of a wall socket!! Someone did a street art. :9
We had dinner at Veselka! 


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