Apr 16, 2012

Union square


We went to Union square market. Actually it was first time for me also. There were many stores that have fresh ingredients. My mom brought sandwiches so we had them as a lunch in Union square park. What a beautiful day it was<33 Peaceful moment :)

We went to Bedford again. Last night we couldn't hung out because it was too late.
We'd been to second hand clothes store, Becons closet ,and my faorite store Cat bird, Kitchen store(my sister and my mom are so excited) and Cheese store again. We had some coffee and cakes in cafe<3

We tried Rock feller center again then we could enter it<3 It was second time for me, but the view from Rock feller was still so lovely. Pictures weren't that beautiful as much as Takeru took last time though.

We had dinner at BubbaGump. Oh my god! toooooooooo many shrimp. They are going to appear in my dream, well maybe it would be night mare...lol 


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