Mar 17, 2012



(Photos by Takeru)

I had brunch at Bella in Tarrytown.
It was great<333 I had spinach omelet! yummm 
Very very American :9<3

When we got Grand central, I knew that L line which is subway to go to West village isn't working but I wasn't sure so we tried to get L line wasn't working lol so we went back to Grand central and took another line lol

We walked around from West village through East village.
The way to go to East village we found Five guys and shared humbugger :) 

Then we had sometime so we went to cafe...well, I thought it's cafe but it was restaurant and we got water,fork and it was so awkward lol

It's a one of off Broadway show which is cheaper than Broadway show and it's more casual :)
STOMP is a percussion performance wiz any instrument that you use in daily. like mop, lighter, even news paper!  It was awesome<3 Fun!! I loved show. You can enjoy even you don't understand English :) ah and there is a Japanese women in performers!

At first we were going to Ukraine restaurant which is a little bit strange atmosphere...then Takeru said that there are many Ukraine restaurant... are you sure this is the one we suppose to go??...Then, It wasn't the one we wanted to go lol that was close...!!
The one we suppose to go is a called Veselka! it was next to the strange restaurant! lol

We had dinner at Veselka which is Ukraine restaurant :)
I really like it!! I had never tried Ukraine food but this tastes familir wiz Japanese people I think<3 


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