Mar 12, 2012

School trip

I had a school trip this day. Teacher brought us to the company of fabric and looked around how they make fabrics:) It was amazing! They made pleats by hand!! 

After that, I had free time :)
So I had lunch at Breeze in Hell's kitchen with Magui! We love pad thai lol It was great !!

 Then went to Jeremy Scott boutique in Hell's kitchen :) so cool!!!  I didn't notice these tops were inspired by bags of stores in NY before I came here. now I know that because every time when I buy something in the store, they give this to me. 

(these pics are from google) 

We went to BOOK OFF :) I bought Lost in translation! Magui recommended<3

I had wrap as a dinner in Vegetarian restaurant.
Avocado and hummus <3
Today was vegetarian day...! actually pad thai was also with Tofu<3
I'm not a complete vegetarian but it would be very cool if I can be vegetarian.


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