Mar 2, 2012

Mamma mia and Brooklyn

In SEPHORA I saw girls were wearing Lolita!!! I had never seen Harajuku girls in NY before so I was talking to them :) They said they wanna come to Japan. and Lolita clothing are very expensive when they buy from online store and also because of economy.yeah and with shipping fees.... ohh it must be expensive... :P 
 I'm so happy that Harajuku fashion become international and spreading out<3 I want many people to know about Japanese fashion<3

I went to MAMMA MIA! with Kiho and Takeru!
We supposed to go at the night but when we went to buy ticket, there was ticket only from 2pm. it was around 1:45 so we went to show quickly! I didn't have time to feel "I can't wait~~" :9 haha 
It was so cool!!!! I liked it. Most of musics are so famous so everyone can have fun I think<3

Then we went to Brooklyn. walked around Dumbo and had pizza!!!
I had been waiting this moment really! Pizza was SO TASTY <3 yummmm
Actually I don't really like pizza but this was different <333
I had tomato with sausage, cheese with ham and garlic. both are so good :9
There were many immigrant from Italy so pizza in brooklyn is better than little italy in Manhattan that's what I heard was true! I've never tried pizza in Manhattan though!! lol

After that, we went to the Brooklyn bridge. it was.... yeahh f**king cold!!! I thought I would die really.
but we walked Brooklyn to Manhattan through the bridge! wow! we are young!!! yeahh
Actually it was first time to go Brooklyn bridge at night. Nice night view<3



ミ☆Hoshi said...

why were u surprised?? O: When I was in EF I went to Lolita meeting >3< there are A LOT of loli in NY <3 <3 <3
Also, there are plenty in Chile and Brazil~
I miss u so much, baby ;3;/



Really? I didn't know! I had never seen Lolita in Manhattan before!! well, except you! miss you too Maria<3 xoxo