Mar 18, 2012

Last Limo party!!!


(photos by Takeru)

We had a Limo party!!! It was the BEST PARTY EVER!!!!
It was rainy but it wasn't big problem!!! That's all right!!

This time I've gotten a cable so it was able to connect speaker and iphone!!  I was a DJ :9<3 hehehee (well, it was just playing music from iphone though lol) It was a lot of FUN<3 I wanna be a DJ :)!!!

And you know what?
I finally met Maimai who is a friend of Kei! He was telling me that she would come here but I had never seen her, then we met finally~~~!!! Yayyy So I took picture with Maimai, Takeru and Yusuke :)<3

When I got a break in times square, I ran to the Swatch and bought Fafi watch<3 It took just 2minutes super quick shopping! ha!

It was just awesome and my best memories in NY ♡


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ミ☆Hoshi said...

I will miss your NY posts...!
But I hope to be in your Japan blog...? Will you keep posting, when you go back?

I miss u baby!

take care~