Mar 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Lina


I went to Harlem to see Gospell with Lina, Takeru and Kiho. but The church we supposed to go which is oldest church in NY, was occupied and we couldn't see it... ;(

Then we took subway. Kiho was going to the another place so that we said bye-bye then she gave me a pretty letter...<3 Ohhh Kihoooo I miss you~~~. Thanks so much<3 love yaa
I had a lot of fun with you X) <3 can't wait to see in Japan!

After that we went to lower East side and had lunch in Katz Deli. Walked around....
We supposed to have dinner in Soho so we walked from Lower East. It was SO freezing!!!!!!! It has started snowing... :( every time. only weekend are clod. Booo
We met up Yusuke and went to Sabon.... Takeru bought sooo many things in Sabon finally. haha he've liked products for so long but he had never bought them hahaa But we are leaving so need to buy if it's necessary.

 Then we had dinner in French restaurnant it was....omg expensive but taste so good. good experience :)
We went to Karaoke and sung Gee. haha you know, that's "Real Gee" with Lina sung in Korea hahahaaa That was so funny X9

After we get campus, we had surprise party!
Happy Birthday Lina !!!



ミ☆Hoshi said...

Oh, Yusuke is still there?? I miss crazy shitake!! x3

Happy b-day Lina!

take care~~


Yesss!!! but they left here yesterday :,(<3 I'm feeling so lonely now!