Mar 16, 2012

China town and Soho


I went to buy souvenir with Yusuke and Takeru.

At first we had brunch at Ess a Bagle. 
Then we went to China town too see if there are souvenir, and luggages for them.
I've been to China town many times because TOPSHOP is nearby Chanal station but I hadn't been to the store in Chinatown. There were so many souvenior stores and they were so persistant people lol They really want us to buy something, you know lol

After that, We've been to Soho.
I loved the Dr. Martens Spring colors!!! They are soooo cute<3 Takeru bought Metalic doc<3
We walked around Bleeker.
Finally, We went to Times square and had dinner at Planet Hollywood  :)


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