Mar 12, 2012


I went to Boston Feb. 17-20!!! :)
Friday night at1AM, we left NY, arrived Boston in the early morning about 6.
We were so tired but we couldn't check in hostel so we left baggages and went to walk around.
We've been to Park, and Quincy Market and had some lunch.
I tried Tips and Fries ! it was SO Junky food!!!

And we went to Old house which is the museum of Boston's history. It was really interesting!
My first impression of Boston is the buildings are so beautiful. Architectures were much different from NYC. This is because of Boston had gotten influence from France. So atmosphere was like Europ. I didn't know!! :)<3 They also mentioned about Boston Tea party. I should've bought tea...!!
We walked around again. we had been to chocolate shop,vintage clothing store....

We were so tired so went back to hostel and slept. After, We had dinner near by hostel :)


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