Mar 20, 2012

Astor place and then Astor place

I had lunch at Japadog which is japanese ver. Hotdog in Aster place!!!! with Melody and Takeru :)
I thought, okay it's just for fun! but it was so tasty :9 I didn't expect that!!! I had Oroshi Hotdog Yummmm<3 There is no Japadog in Japan so I need to eat more them before I go back to Japan :) hahaha 

Then we said bye to Melody and went to Rockfeller with Takeru. (I'll upload pictures later<3)

After that, we met up with Lina and Yusuke and had dinner at  Thailand restaurant in Astor place :)
That restaurant suppose to have Jazz live but they didn't!!! we were so sad but it was okay :) We just had fun<3 


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