Feb 2, 2012



I went to Soho with Takeru :)
Actually we suppose to go to Guggenhaim but we changed mind then went shopping <3
I couldn't find what I wanted so I just bought cream at SABON though, I satisfied :)

These pictures are at the store in Soho. (I forgot the name) That store has many cool stuff. sometimes gross and scary as you can see in the photo which insects in the candies, but I like it. (just to look  lol)

After Soho, we went to Times sqare to just take photos. Then we had dinner in Korean restaurant.

Oh my got I love Bibimpa so much<333 Before I came here, I wasn't in love so much but now I can eat every day.... Because of the terrible Rita hall food in the school, my tongue sense has changed. I want Korean restaurant in my hometown. There is a little Korean town in Shino-kubo though, I need more Korean food!!!! also LOVE korean seaweed <3
I want Thai restaurant in my home town too... :9 I think Asian food is awesome, yeah

By the way,Takeru has great photos here in tumbler. he likes to take street photos and these are quite cool :9
 Check it out If you have time !!


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