Feb 14, 2012

Lower East


I've been to Lower East side once before but I haven't been so long time. I went to Tenant museum. I didn't enter though the store is quite cool! They have unique and cute stationary.
Then I went to "W" this is my favorite store. Takeru bought bracelet here. they also have earrings,rings, note books and stationary and some stuff. Last time I bought card named Yellow owl workshop. recently I found another series of cards it was also so cute<3  check it out if you like cards here!

After that, I had dinner in Bubba Gump!
It was sooooo good! Tasty<3 well, it's kinda expensive so just for special day probably! :9

I've just watched Forrest Gump, Takeru almost forced me to watched it. :P
So I was enjoyed a lot<3
Before you go Bubba Gump, you must watch Forrest Gump! Bubba Gump appear in that movie.

 I can say Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movie. it is the story about a men who has handicap but he overcome any hardship. I reccomend to watch this movie :)


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