Feb 18, 2012



I went to Chelsea with Kiho :)
We had browny from Fat witches. I love that browny so much<3 I bought some browny mix for when I go back to Japan :) but I knew that there was Fat witches in Japan !! I'm not sure where is it but I was so happy when I heard about it. awesome :9 <3

The supermarket in US has much difference from Japanese one. Kiho was excited. Although I go to supermarket in Tarrytown, but it's not big and I'm not really familiar with supermarket so it was interesting for me too. Vegetables are so huge! egg plant was like a monster :P

Those cookies in Eleni's were so cute!! Valentine's day was coming so it was full of hart with red and pink...<33 I never eat though haha As you can see they use a lot of chemical I guess... so just to see :9 haha

Then we had dinner some block away from chelsea.
We talked a lot <3 I haven't talked with Kiho so long time so we had many things to talk!
After dinner, the way to go back to the hotel, there was the American Apparel whole sale so I bought skirt :P hehe Everything are SO CHEAP! I need to go there again :D



ミ☆Hoshi said...

Oh? Didn't you give anything to Takeu for Valentines? I wanted to give you some cookies y3y/

Kihoさん is so pretty! I guess Lizzie picks up cute friends? haha

I miss you~



I gave him something like earphone but you can connect 2of earphone it so you can listen same music together :P<3 hehe u r lovely<3 I wanted cookies!<333

Hahahaa yess I love cute girls lol