Jan 7, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Takeru !!!!

At first We went to buy some ingredients in Manhattan. After that, we went to Karaoke!! we sung Xmas songs *<: ) we had fun!!

This pic is the way to go to Kei's house. so funny. both of them look so stupid! lol

Then I had party in Kei's house. he is staying in NewJersey with Yok so we stayed there that night :)

Kei Takeru and I cooked Japanese curry and Yok and Andy cooked Thai food :) <3 It was quite tasty <333 and We sung Birhtday song for Takeru and had cheese cake !! :)


We cooked Chijimi (Korean food) for lunch!! then we went to Manhattan :)

Kei was leaving the next day. He is already in Japan now. we are missing you Kei...!! 
I had awesome Xmas Eve and Xmas day in NewYork *<:{o }}


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