Jan 21, 2012


The second star to the right, each time we say good night....

Fairy make up..* such a cute glitter ☆ミ it's like pixie dust on eyes ;) I'm thinking which color I should buy... :P
This Pixie dust was given by Takeru, Thanks luv<3 then I think I can fly when I use it ;) haha

I bought that Tea pot in Upper West side. there is such a cute caffe also store named Alice's tea cup.
Tea is also from Upper West side. I bought in big super market. I knew that there is this kind of tea be cause of Co-Trip though, I was so happy when I saw those package...<3 how cute ;)
and there are 100%natural tea! awesome<3

I want hair blond or lavender pink btw... :)


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