Dec 9, 2011



I went to Chelsea with Yusuke, Kei and Takeru.  
Kei said that I could decide everything. that is why it was going to be "Tomomi's tour."

You know, I have no sense of direction and always I'm following my friends so actually I really don't know how can I get which line of subway and so on.... lol So he said that he wanted to see "I am adult". so I was planning to go to Chelsea for his last weekend :)

I got lost several times and something happened. guess what?  L line of  subway didn't work that day...
and we went back to Grand central to take another but Totally It was nice! right? :)




At first, we had burgurs

最初に、ハンバーガーを食べにいきました :P <3


We walked high line

Chelsea Market

Near by Chelsea Martket, there is antique shop and we look around. that was so cool! thy had a lot of ornaments for Xmas tree!!! I've never had REAL Xmas tree in my house so I didn't buy tho it was amazing! I wish I had been born in America...!

チェルシーマーケットの近くにアンティーク屋さんがあってそこにいったんだけれど、もうすっごかった<33 クリスマスツリーのオーナメントがたくさんあったんだけどどれもこれももう可愛すぎて。。。♡ アメリカのお家に生まれたかったなあ。

(photos by Takeru and me)

After that we had dinner with Dana and her friends in Japanese restaurant :)!
Actually,we haven't hung out long time (except TOC) so I'm happy that I had nice time wiz them!!! :) <3 I'll miss Kei tho... :,(

チェルシーの後は、ダナとそのお友達とジャパニーズレストランに行ったよ^^ガールズトークは楽しいね (笑)

チェルシーは初めてだったからわくわくした♡最近みんなで出かけてなかったから久しぶりでいっぱい笑った! はあ、けい帰るなあばかたれ!


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