Dec 29, 2011

Bronx Zoo

"I went to Bronx Zoooooooooo" 

This is what I wanted to say.... lol

ディーナーから参加<3 ゆうすけ、けい、たける、リナとタイレストラン X)

I suppose to go Bronx Zoo with Yusuke Takeru Kei and Lina but that morning I wansn't feeling very well so I couldn't go... I joined them from dinner in Thailand restautant :)

Actually, I had Thai food before this day too lol I mean, same restaurant with Andy and Takeru lol
I'm in love so it didn't matter even I eat Thai food everyday but Takeru was kinda tired of eating Thai food...haha

These are Thai dessert ! <3
I'm not sure what was the upper one. haha but It was tasty!
and Fried Banana!!!! I'm in love!!!!!! That's awesome<3


Lina and Yusuke had to say bye to Kei... Ahh hate this moment ! SO SAD!
Keeeeiiiii.......!!!! We will meet up Christmas so that day will be our last day... I can't imagine!


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