Nov 3, 2011

Trick or Treat


Trick or Treat !!!!

Magui<33333 I love her. and I love her glasses too! SO CUTE :)

photo by Takeru

I went to Halloween Parade in Manhattan with Magui, Takeru,Yusuke,Kei and Aya.
I didn't hang out long time with Yusuke and Kei ! Kei is leaving on Dec. so I'm gonna miss him! We have to hang out !!!
..Anyway!  It was really crowded!!!! so that I couldn't see Parade... : ( BOO. and also It was bitterly cold.  but I took pics with my friends and Bat man, Sessoer hands and so on , ... so I had fun!
Everyone is very serious for costume!!! I was surprised that :D haha That's really cool American culture.


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