Nov 29, 2011



F.A.O schwarz

I LOVE IT <333

LEGO Jack !!! :) That's amazing huh?

I went to MOMA!!!
We can enter for free from4pm only Friday !! :)


It was really cool! sometimes I can't understand because it's "too artistic". haha
I've wanted to see  "The persistence of memory" of Dali  longtime!! I was astonished! cuz that scale was small...! when I saw Monaliza at Rubul museum, also kinda I was It was very cool though!!!! 
We didn't have a lot of time so we couldn't see everything so I wanna come again<3


After that, We met up wiz Pedro and we had dinner in Japanese restaurant!! 
I love Japanese food!!! <33 Menchanko-tei! this is my favorite restaurant!! If you wanna go to Japanese restaurant, I recommend this restaurant!!!!

Pedro was working hard cuz of Chopstick.
(BTW in my class, now I'm leaning about phobia and there is chopstick phobia!!! so funny!!!)


He reminds me of when I was a little, my mom taught me how to use chop-stick lol

and there is Japanese super market near from that restaurant, so we went to supermarket!

Pedro was really excited! haha When he saw Manju he said "beautiful" lol for me, I've never thought Manju is beautiful so it sounds funny. Do you think Manju is beautiful?

ペドロの目がすごいキラキラしてた!!(笑) 彼がおまんじゅうを見た時に「It's beautiful」って言ってて笑っちゃったんだけど、おまんじゅうってbeautifulなのかな?和菓子が美しいって言うのは分かるけど、私、おまんじゅうが美しいなんて思ったことなかった、、、みんなはどう思う?

After we went back to dorm, we had some green tea with Yatsuhashi. (Yatsuhashi is the name of Japanese sweets.)we were talking about Alaska!!! I said to Pedro that "I wanna go to see Aurora!!!!!!" He said "Ohhhh nice let's go It's really beautiful! natural phenomenon!!!"
I knew he says Yes! haha

In the other, Takeru was like "hmmmmm....." lol  he says "nothing to do in Alaska" 
but Pedro and I really want to see Aurora so he must come together ;) hehehe

I'm soo excited! I've wanted to see Aurora long long time !!! this is the big chance to visit Alaska!!!



X'mas is coming....<3


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ミ☆Hoshi said...

I just love new york in christmas <3