Nov 27, 2011

Katy perry


Katy perry in Madison square garden !!!!!!! 

I went to see her with Magui<3
It was the day before my birthday <333 X)


I had a lot of fun!
At first, when I heard the intro of Teenage dream, I was almost crying!
Teenage dream reminds me of the feeling that the 1st day of  New york. when I came to NY, I was excited but also I was really nervous, and I was happy. and tomorrow, I'll be 19 and it's my last teen.

I don't know how to explain this feeling but I felt "my 18 years old life in New York".
Katy was really pretty anyways<333 I love her costume a lot! I love her world <3

I'm so happy to spend time wiz Magui and Katy <3 Love, 

1番はじめの曲が、Teenage dreamだったんだけど、嬉しすぎて泣いちゃった><!
Teenage dreamを聞くと、私がNYに来たばかりの頃を思い出すの。一人で飛行機に乗って、すっごい緊張してたんだけど、すごく嬉しくて、すごく幸せで、なんて説明していいか分からないけどいろんな感情がぱーーーってなって。それに、明日から、ラストティーンだし。


私の最後の18歳の日を、マギーとケイティーと過ごせて本当に幸せ<333 Love,


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