Nov 16, 2011


We had dinner in Japanese(?) restaurant.Actually It was not... Japanese restaurant I think lol
with Rachel, Marissa and Takeru.

I just heard there is Japanese restaurant from my roomy so I supposed to bring them but I didn't know where is the location of restaurant, and I didn't know what is the name of restaurant! lol I'm really not good at guiding !!! lol
Finally we could get that restaurant and we had dinner so that's all right<333

I had Katsudon and California Roll ! (sorry I didn't take pic!!!)I really love California Roll! I think I had never tried berore I came here. I don't think  California Roll is common in Japan. I like avocado so much that's the reasons why I like<333



ruby said...

yumm..California rolls. I also like "Alaska rolls" :9
This is my first time commenting on your blog. Hope you don't mind it.


Hi !!! Thanks for ur comments :)<3 I like to talk on blog! plz don't hesitate to comment X)<333 I've never tried Alaska rolls! I'm curious!! I wanna try them!! X9