Nov 9, 2011



I went to FIT wiz Magui to see exhibition.It was AMAZING !!!!!!!
I can't explain very well. It was like ... amazing.
I loved shoes. These were art. I saw the shoes that was like the one Lady Gaga is wearing!

And then I went to Brooklyn!  we love Bedford <333

We walk abound see some second hand clothing shop and gallery.
It was quite interesting. in the gallery there were so many books.

I liked these.

Tara McPherson

Mark Ryden


We had sandwichs in Super core caffee. and green tea cake <333 yummmmm

I went to see the music of Rock Band 
It was really scary cuz there was nothing and really dark and we weren't sure it was the right way.

finally we made it tough.

I love Brooklyn :)


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