Nov 23, 2011

5th Ave.


5th Ave.

Manhattan is in X'mas mood  <333

Actually I haven't gone to so many store in 5th Ave. Always just walking and passed. but today I went to some store in 5th Ave. :)

Takeru really wanted to buy Outer that we found in Soho at DIESEL so I was just following him and went to some shop. Finally he bought Jacket in Tommy hilfiger though.

I went to Henri Bendel was so cool !! I liked it :)<33 

I wanna go to High line in Chelsea. I wanna go to many place!!!! There is stil so many place where I've never been to. I really wanna go to see Aurora BTW :P haha <333

今日は5th Ave. に行ってきたよ^^

ヘンリベンデル!すごくかわいかった<3 ラベンダーカラー×リボンのバングルがつぼすぎる!欲しいなあ。。。<33 私のガイドブック(大好きなコトリップ)によると、ヘンリベンデルってセリーナとブレアのお気に入りのお店らしい! :)


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