Oct 30, 2011

Halloween party


✟HALLOWEEN  PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!✟

Mewoooo <3


I love this Yok!!!!!<3

These girls(left and center) were made up by ME<3 
(from Left side) Michel! she is my ex-classmate, and Angela is my roomy :) xo

LOVE Racheeeeeeelll <333 same make up :)♥

Oh my Gosh!!!!! my sweet roomy.... lol



photo by Takeru

I couldn't recognize my friends... lol 

I didn't want to wear costume cuz you know it's beginning !!!!not yet <333
so that there my outfits were usual clothes ! haha

After the party, we went to Bar in Tarrytown :)


Looks like she had fried potato with blood!!! lol

I had hamburger :P <3

The day before party, I went to haunted mansion !!! It was on the campus. some students and stuffs were pretend to be ghost! It was REALLY scary! and quality was So high! It was like hospital... I shouted many times. I'm enjoying Halloween <333

✟✟Trick or Treat !!!!!! ✟✟


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