Sep 16, 2011

Palisades mall


I went to Palisades Mall wiz Tina n Angela n Michell <33

I bought HEIRESS !!! 
I really like this smell for 4 years <3 haha
I had small one but finally I bought big one and body cream :) It was cheep<333

 I bought also With love <3
its produce by Hilary Duff <33 this one also I've used for 4years too :)
Hilary Duff is my idol since when I was elementary student :P hehe
I really like Lizzie Mcguire. that's why my English name is Lizzie X) <33

I bought new jell liner n brush.
This brush is really easy to make line <333 I like it!

Actually I bought this one last time :)
my favorite<3 I can use cream shadow n powder one <33
smokey green n red pink :)<3 

We had Sushi <3
It was cheap :) That was much better than Wasabi which is name of restaurant in Tarrytown!
yum yum <333 I miss japan ...!


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