Sep 20, 2011

miss u my friends !!!!!


We miss baseball player Fuanitooooo !!!! <3

wiz Lino n Juan !
finally, they left here.

Juan gave us baseball bat :)

We will play baseball wiz this bat !

We miss youuu !!!!


she is my first classmate !
she always smile. I like her smile <3

He is my ex classmate Alvarooo !!
he is very good at singing ! he has really amazing voice :)

I miss you guys :,(
I hope they have great time in them country <3

guess what?

 after I did laundry, there were poops in my laundry!!!!
I really disappointed. My lovely clothes......!!!!!!
but, Takeru n Nuria helped me that washing my clothes.
I just met her first time and that day was her last day in EF school !!!
How kind... :,( ♡ Thanks so much !!!!

Prado also gave me detergent ! I've almost never talked with him through. I moved :,( ♡♡♡

Nuria <333
I wish I'd met her earlier... !!!

Lots of thanks for everything <333


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