Sep 2, 2011

Metropolitan museum

Before We went to Metropolitan museum, We had have branch in MacDonald.
you know what? now, I'm into Smarf <3
I'm addicted to smarf. I mean I always play smarf game of iphone app.
and guess what? If you got happy meal you can get smarf :) wow<333

So I got smarf :P hehehehehe

We went to Metropolitan museum <33

Last time when we went to there, it was just ate pretzel n talking is only front of museum.
but I mean this time, we went to inside ! hehe

This day also I ate pretzel. but it was different from before I've eaten one.
 That was really nice<3

I really liked this kind of armer <3
I was interested :P haha

after museum we went to times square to have dinner :9
we had hamburger in Planet Hollywood <333

I look very happy. haha cuz I was so tired n so hungry.

Smurf and Tarkel <333

and Takeru :D

I bought American Apparel socks<333

I love this kind of sox :D <3


Satisfied  X) <333


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