Sep 21, 2011


when I entered in Rita hall, JAKE WAS THERE!!!!

I was like 「JAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

I was surprised !
because jake said that he would come here was not this day !

2nd day

we went to manhattan !

during we are singing in karaoke, Robert came !

after that, we had Korean food :)

He was wearing "I'm coming" T-shirs :) haha
when we were eating dinner, child read his T-shirt and his mom said "Don't read! time to go!!!"
It was very funny because there is many dirty words and sentences in T-shirts. haha

Robert !!! 
We learn sexual vocabulary from him ! haha

3rd day

We went to Palisades mall !

shopping and at dinner we had sushi<3

and we went Bowling!!! 
It was very cool. It was unlimited 6pm-11pm n include shoes only 15$!
cheap :)))

but I felt sick so I couldn't play so much...
mmm I regret it.

I miss Jake !!! (again)
I hope we can meet again <3333
I think we can meet again :) <33



ミ☆Hoshi said...

Oh no fair, I wanted to do that when I go there too ! >_< I want to go ice-skating and hug you a lot <3

I miss you Barbie Girl!


♡TMO♡ said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you :)
we will follow what you want to do!
miss u too <3