Sep 3, 2011



In the night !!!

2:00 AM

I played football wiz Yusuke Takeru Kei n Juan.
As I had been in sick, I had fun <3 

It was crazy <3 you know, guys are naked n without shoes.
I mean Can we play football with barefoot !?
yeah,Yes we could.
we did.

so crazy :P

I played tennis wiz Tina n Snow n Takeru n Chinise boys.
I had fun! long time I didn't play tennis so that was terrible but I didn't care <3 hehe

snow :) so cute<3
she looks very beautiful n cool but she has humor !
Tina is very funny but she also very funny. both of them my sweet class mate <3

The wallpaper of Kei's laptop was my photograph  wwww

I mean 「whaaat??? why???」
It was crazy www

so I changed my wallpaper to Kei's photo www

They are really crazy... 
Moreover, recently Kei n Yusuke made 「polshenke」song.

oh, finally...

It was amazing. actually It was awesome ! haha

so fuuny <333 I want to you to hear that song!!
there is a spanish version :D haha


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