Sep 24, 2011

chicago 3



We went to park and take a rest :) and play card game www

After that, we went to skytower that is tallest in the world !
I was excited !!!


sleeping Takeru :P

I bought teddy bear ! I named him Owzawa :) It's not Kei's last name. Kei's last name is Ozawa.
his name is Owzawa ! :)<3

I made mistake. backpuck was inside out :P

we had pasta :) I had pasta which has shrimp<33 it was delicious! I really wanted to eat sea food so that I was very happy :) hehehe

I made mistake again. my backpack opened. I didn't notice :((

fountain was so beautiful <333

before I saw this fountain, I had thought "chicago is so-so. It's like small NY" but after I had seen this fountain, my mind changed :)<3


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