Sep 24, 2011

chicago 2


chicago 2 !

We went to Navy pier <33

we were just walking around and checking souvenir shop :) we had lunch in food coat and then card game ! we are crazy w

and then went to sopping to city :) There were MEGA TOPSHOP ! I had many clothes which I wanted buy but finally I didn't buy anything.

at dinner time we were looking for restaurant and we found restaurant witch looks very good (from outside) but It was terrible restaurant :( haha
I had stake that was also terrible~~. but I'ts okay, good experience :)

after we had gone buck to hostel, we changed clothes each other !

Kei www

Jim is Takeru, Kei is Tomomi, Tomomi is Kei, Yusuke is Jim, Takeru is Yusuke :D

I had lots of fun <333


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