Aug 9, 2011

skating !!!!


We went skating at Palisasdes Mall ! (again!!!)

last time, As I was afraid of slip and fall so I couldn't skating as fast but this day, I was better than before ! <3

Takeru was really not good at skating ! hehe
Yok guessed he isn't good at skating that was right hahaha

after staking, I went to cheese cake factry :9 <33

yum yum <3333
luv cheese cake :)

Look !!! HUGE !!! hahahaha



ミ☆Hoshi said...

Palisades!! WWWW it makes a difference with R and L in English! wwwww
Oh, Kei looks so cute (*__*)/ Im gonna steal the pictures, you all look adorable... Specially Yusuke, looks like he fell a lot! wwww

miss u!

♡TMO♡ said...

Ohhh again! I'm stupid~~.ahaha
haha you can steal as many pictures as you want! hehe Thanks, sweet<33 Actually Takeru fell more than Yusuke!!! www