Aug 18, 2011

Sj 321

Before Pia leave here, she gave me neckless top which is like small earth.
(Pia is my roommate)

she said that "I'm from Venezuela, you are from Japan. We live in opposite. but If you have this one, we are alway together. "

oh, how sad! when she was saying that, I was almost crying.

I really miss u baby.

when I arrived here, I really didn't know every thing. What could I do without her helping.
she taught me many things about school n she brought me bank to make account at the early morning. also restaurant n palisades mall...

since I came here, I really feel that "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur".
 I think It's miracle,  isn't it?

I hope she have a great time in her life and I also hope we can meet again!

my crazyyy  roommate!
Sj 321 is hottest room in EF!!!



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