Aug 10, 2011

dye party


I don't know why we had "dye party"haha

We went to CVS to buy a dye. 
but Yusuke didn't buy a dye !!! Booooo He was afraid of dyeing hair~

I had dyed Kei's hair n my hair.

I had bleached end of my hair. 


after that.....


strawberry jam <3 hehehe
my fav. but already I've lost pink. I'm sadddd :(



ミ☆Hoshi said...

omg omg Kei with megane! <3

You lost pink??? Hummm Im gonna ask some tips to a friend who is hairdresser, so you can keep your pink a little longer!
Kawaii Lizzie *U*/


ミ☆Hoshi said...

also, Yusuke's hair isnt already dyed? Why was he afraid? www
what color did Kei dye? Oh, didn't Takeru dye? wwww pitch black hair is no good for dye~~

♡TMO♡ said...


Really? thats good :)Thanks Maria X)<333
Kei dyed blown color but it didn't change so much~.maybe in US, there is a dye witch is a weak for japanese cuz foreigner people has bright hair.

I also dyed Takerus hair about2weeks ago but No change! you know, he has a strong pitch black hair!haha n Idk why Yusuke didn't dye he may crazy~ :P hehe