Jul 31, 2011



Dear Maria

We just met on Wednesday.we just stay together 4days.
not so long time but it doesn't matter.we are close friend!

when I see Maria's blog about "last EF", I feel something center of my heart.
I don't wanna know what "something" is.

Friday night ★ at the party !

This party was for Yusuke's girlfriend n Maria!Yusuke's girlfriend came here for Yusuke <3
n Maria gonna leave here... SO... PARTY !!!

She gave me sketch ♡ Its cuter than me !! Thanks so much<333

on Saturday We went to the coffee shop in  Tarrytown :)

Japanese ahiru-guchi♡

I talked about Japan wiz her. she knows many thing about Japan !!
and she likes Lolita! she knows 'KERA'. it's japanese fashion magazine. 
especially, we talk about Harajuku fashion! I'm really glad cuz I like to wear 'Harajuku-kei(maybe)' and Harajuku is my favorite place ;) 

so we will meet in Harajuku :) we promised♡ I'll borrow Lolita clothes from her and take a walk Harajuku with Maria X) I can't wait <333



baseball teammmm ♡

I really miss U Maria<3 but we can meet again ★
I'm looking forward to seeing you in Harajuku !



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ミ☆Hoshi said...

you made me cry, lazy lizzie (ノ△・。)
Thank you, really thank you for becoming my friend in only 4 days.
Thank you for being yourself and laughing with me and talking about Harajuku wiz me and not thinking that I am weird because of it.

Thank you for being Lizzie
I miss you so much p(´⌒`。q)グスン

we will go shopping and I'll dress you up as Lolita! You'll be shining! (◎>U<◎) we'll have so much fun together again!