Jul 26, 2011

Brooklyn bridge


We watched soccer game in times square !!!
I was really excited !
cuz It was 1st time to watch sports !!!
I was not interested sports but It was really nice :)

and finally, Japan won !!
congrats Japan ~ wow ♥

Actually we had a plan to meet my roommate Pia and go to Japanese restaurant.
but, we couldn't meet her....

and then,we went to brooklyn bridge :)
Its the 1st time to went there.

It was daytime so we didn't see night view. 
I wanna go in the night again.

He is art :P haha

my favorite lingerie ♥



ミ☆Hoshi said...

ahhahaa Takeru Art! can I buy? haha
just kidding~

Owwn so cute eating that...thing! Is it pretzel? It's bigger than Tomomi! wwww
xoxo <33

♡TMO♡ said...

ahaha! Of course! for free!!! haha<3

yes! its prezel :) Its really big :Phehe didn't you eat big pretzel in NY?